Back in Germany: conclusion

I’m back in germany – and the only wish is: I want to go back.

The last few months were so intensitive. I had so many wonderful experiences and learned a lot.

“It’s the encounters with people that make life worth living.”
– Guy de Maupassant

I had many wonderful and unique encounters in the last two months. I met so many different and new people. Had some thoughtful, interesting and so productive conversations and got a new sight to many things.

If there were anyone who asked me before my placement what I would like to do there, I had answered that I would like to meet new people and make experiences. And sure, this is what I’ve done. But it is so much more than this.
This placement could be so much more and it was.
The last two months were an ultimative experience and I had loved it to live in glasgow.

My special thanks go to my company MusikZentrum Hannover and Landeshauptstadt Hannover.
Also to IHK Hannover. Without all these people the journey would not have been possiible.

This placement was an amazing experience and it was wonderful to know that there are so many people who are with you.

At least, I would like to say thank you to my company in glasgow.
I could be so creative in the last two months, learned a lot about myself, got a lot of more confidence and met many important people. Special thanks to Charandeep Singh for all the meetings and events. Thank you for all your faith and these wonderful close collaboration.
Liz, Charandeep, Louise, Winnie, Garry, Carol, Charlie and all these other people I met in the last two month: THANK YOU!

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